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Structural Integration Services

Larry Kaufman provides private sessions for clients in two private practice locations in Portland, Oregon: a beautiful loft space at 117 SE Taylor St, Suite 201 and secondly, at Rain or Shine Naturopathic Clinic at 3903 SW Kelly Ave (please see links listed at the bottom of the page). We encourage you to call us if you are interested in receiving structural integration as a client or as a model for the Intensive Practitioner training. Larry is happy to speak with you on the phone to answer any questions you may have regarding your structural integration session. 

Structural Integration (SI) refers to a powerful system of physical manipulation and education originated by Dr. Ida P. Rolf.  Its primary intent is to bring our body into vertical and horizontal balance, thus lessening physical strain and postural imbalance. Structural Integration is fundamentally different in its approach from other modalities such as massage or chiropractic services. Structural Integration focuses upon affecting the body’s connective tissue system.  This system is made up of non-elastic layers of tissue, which link the muscles and bones of the body, into an integrated system.

This work can profoundly affect a person’s posture, joint alignment, range of motion, and level of vitality. It can also help people to move more efficiently and without pain.

Structural Integration is an interactive therapy involving client participation and movement re-education.

Clients typically work in loose fitting clothing for approximately 60-75 minutes.

We do not currently accept insurance for payment at this time with the exception of Motor Vehicle Accidents. For MVA reimbursement, we ask that you secure a script from your primary physician for manual therapy prior to making an appointment if you have had a motor vehicle accident. Cost is $225 a session. 

If you are interested in an appointment, please contact us directly at 503-984-8200 or email at northwest