Larry Kaufman, LMT, Advanced Structural Integrator

Director and Founder of the NW Center

Larry Kaufman has practiced integrative bodywork since 1978. He holds Basic and Advanced certifications from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, as well as a degree in psychology from Antioch College. He is a former member of the Integrative Medicine Center at St. Mary’s Hospital (Grand Junction, Colorado) and past Director of the Weber Street Center for Process Oriented Body Work and Conflict Resolution.

As a “second generation” practitioner of Dr. Ida Rolf’s method of Structural Integration, Larry has developed his own interpretation of the work. Much like a martial artist must leave his sensei’s dojo to let his own style emerge, Larry has developed a unique perspective of this work. He blends classical SI techniques with understandings from process-oriented and developmental psychology, Chinese medicine, restorative physical therapy and movement dynamics.

A former professional river guide, Larry has synthesized his intimate understanding of the forces of nature and the movement in our bodies. The best river guides, he points out, don’t see the rocks – they see where the river wants to go and place themselves in that line of intention. Larry sees a similar line of intention – a “main current” or “line of motion” – flowing in a vertical pathway through the body. He uses that current as an organizing principle to navigate through the twists and blocks in the body resulting from trauma, disease, repetitive motion and stress.

Learning to feel motion through the body like the current on a river – or blocks to the motion like rocks and obstacles – is the single most powerful awareness Larry offers his students. That perceptiveness coupled with Dr. Rolf’s bio-mechanical insights is what makes Larry’s framework Structural Integration so powerful.

Larry teaches and maintains a private practices in Portland, Oregon at Rain and Shine Integrative Health at 3903 SW Kelly Ave, Portland Oregon. Appointments can be arranged at 503-984-8200. 

Shannon Northroup, LMT, Structural Integrator

Shannon Northroup is an LMT, structural integration practitioner, movement educator and forever student living and working in Hood River, OR.  Her career experience in the healing arts, as well as various complementary fields, have woven together to create a diverse platform to practice, teach and embody the concepts of SI.  

Shannon has found structural integration to be a blueprint for holistic living.  As a practitioner, she is interested in how subtle movement patterns and perception can powerfully shape structural relationships in the body. Through hands-on bodywork and movement education, individuals are able to shift long held patterning (physical and emotional) and move towards more balance and ease in their bodies, allowing for new ways of moving and a deeper experience of the world.

Her intention is to provide a safe and accepting environment, offering individuals the opportunity to collaborate with and deepen into relationship with their own body knowing and wisdom.

Leslie Franklin, Psy.D. Program Coordinator

Leslie has practiced and taught counseling in clinical, community and school settings for the past 30 years. In addition to working with children and families, Leslie has expanded her skills to coordinating the programming at the Northwest Center as well as teaching counseling skills to bodywork practitioners.

A licensed school psychologist with a doctorate in counseling psychology, Leslie has an extensive background working with clients who are in the process of physical, emotional and psychological change. Her expertise includes working with clients who are experiencing mental health challenges, situational crisis response, creating a healthy working environment for staff, and counseling strategies for bodywork professionals.  Working in conjunction with Larry’s Structural Bodywork and Practitioner Intensive trainings, Leslie offers seminars in understanding the process of change and counseling techniques to assist your clients through personal transitions.

Ami Opal, ND, Instructor

A skilled Structural Integrator, Ami is a researcher, doctor, healer, and teacher. Because the human body is intrinsically moving towards healing, she helps her patients by uncovering and removing their obstacles so that they can shine. She uses natural therapeutics, botanicals, and food as medicine to help patients realign and rebalance. With bodywork, she teaches students of Structural Integration to assist their clients in finding balance and ease so they may live a more robust and joyful life.

Ami’s background in biology and chemistry and love of plants are the foundation of her medicine. After a deep exploration and unquenchable interest in anatomy and physiology, she decided to become a naturopathic physician. Several years into practice, her personal experience with the birth of her children and her yoga practice were important in the direction of her medicine. Hours on the mat and an innate ability to sense energy flow pointed Ami in the direction of Structural Integration. Craniosacral, Reiki, Holistic Pelvic Care, and the Arvigo method of Mayan Abdominal Massage are the basics of her current work.

What Participants are Saying………………

“For over 15 years, Larry’s skills have allowed me to keep doing the things I love – hiking, kayaking, playing soccer, cycling, pumping iron and more. He’s brought me back from injuries that allopaths told me required surgery, realigned me to cure chronic pain, and sorted out lingering hurts that date back to my teens. I’m a few months shy of 60 now, and with Larry’s support, I expect to play well into my 80′s. Of all my health care practitioners, he’s the only one who doesn’t tell me to end my denial and accept my age. Instead, he says, “Go do it!”

JG, ~~Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Leslie has a wonderful approach to teaching counseling strategies. She has that natural blend of being calm yet infusing excitement into the class curriculum. I feel like I have a new skill set for working with clients in transition”.

AP ~~Portland Oregon

“Larry, Ami and Leslie are a great team. Between Larry’s extensive expertise in bodywork, Ami’s skilled expertise as a healer and structural integrator, and Leslie’s counseling background, I feel like I have a new set of tools to work with my clients.”

JK-A, ~~Portland, Oregon