The Northwest Center is an internationally approved ( school for the training of Structural Integration. Whether you are looking for beginning training in Structural Integration or a more comprehensive training program, we can meet your professional development needs!

Larry Kaufman, the founder and Director of the Northwest Center, is an IASI endorsed category one provider. He offers over 30 years of experience as a Structural Integration practitioner and teacher. Leslie Franklin holds a doctorate in counseling psychology with over 30 years experience in supporting clients through physical, emotional and psychological change. Ami Opal, ND is a Naturopathic physician who integrates her extensive private practice experience with Structural Integration, Mayan Massage, and Holistic Pelvic Care into her teaching. Together they offer a dynamic, comprehensive training program that is guaranteed to enrich your professional development.

At the Northwest Center, you will learn…

*   Ida P. Rolf’s method of structural integration
*   applying structural integration theory into practice
*   the 10 session series of structural integration
*   structural bodywork for clinical application
*   to release adhesion between muscle and connective tissue layers
*   to align and balance the body’s structural components
*   to work holistically to support your client’s health and well-being
*   to perceive movement and obstruction within the entire facial envelope
*   to support the flow of motion through your client’s body
*   to work from your own center in partnership with your clients
*   establishing a healthy interpersonal collaboration with your clients
*   knowledge through supervised hands-on practice with models

Several classes are offered during the year in Portland, Oregon and in locations hosting seminars and training classes. The Northwest Center offers a comprehensive training program with individual classes and tutorials for students and practitioners wishing to develop structural integration knowledge and skills.

The Northwest Center is located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. If you are planning on coming to Portland to train at the Northwest Center, you will find the region a delight to explore. Portland lies in the Northwest region of the United States, marked by warm, dry summers and rainy but temperate winters.  Portland has been referred to as one of the most environmentally friendly or “green” cities in the world. One hour of driving west brings you to beautiful beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Mt. Hood and the Cascade mountains lie approximately 60 miles east of the Portland metro area. If you are traveling to train at the NW Center, housing options are available with local community members as well as several affordable short-term rentals.

For more information or to register for a class, please contact us at the NW Center!