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Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about Structural Integration training options at the NW Center. We are a small (but mighty) school located in Portland, Oregon. You might wonder what sets the NW Center apart from the larger SI schools across the USA. We keep our classes small so that we can create an atmosphere of community and mentorship.




Are you ready to learn the art of Structural Integration and the Ten Session Series? There is one more spot available for the Practitioner Intensive training that begins in September, 2018. Join us for this transformative experience!








Are you looking for a highly interactive training program in Structural Integration? Want to a multidimensional training option? We are currently enrolling for the Practitioner Intensive class that begins in September of 2019! One weekend a month for ten months. Join our community of Structural Integration practitioners-in-training!






Training Notes for the Practitioner Intensive Class






Learning Structural Integration can be like learning a new language. Language acquisition can be exciting as well as overwhelming at times so we have created a forum for capturing training notes for our students. If you are considering structural integration training, check out our training/ clinic notes that are specific to how the NW Center conceptualizes the ten session series and the process of change.



Structural Integration training to fit your needs, expand your knowledge, and broaden the scope of your practice!

Our Structural Bodywork Seminars and Practitioner Intensive classes are designed to meet the needs of working health care professionals. Whether you are looking to expand your current practice through Bodywork seminars, complete the Intensive Practitioner training or gain knowledge through 1:1 tutorials and supervision, we will create a program that meets your unique training needs and interests. Please call at 503-984-8200, email us at northwestcenter@gmail.com or complete our registration form for more information regarding upcoming training options at the Northwest Center for Structural Integration in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Upcoming Classes

Interested in upcoming classes? We are now enrolling for our 2018-2019 Practitioner Intensive training program in Structural Integration! Contact us ASAP for more information ~ this class will fill quickly! 

Structural Integration Resources

Our Structural Integration community is expansive and making an impact worldwide! Meet some of our graduates and check out just a few resources here to begin your journey into the amazing work of Ida P. Rolf and Structural Integration.

There are many ways to contact us!

We’ve made contacting us easy! You can reach us by calling 503-984-8200, emailing us at Northwestcenter@gmail.com, private messaging us on Facebook, or clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Reflections on the Pond

We recently celebrated the graduation of our 2017 Structural Integration Practitioners Intensive, and I find myself reflecting on just how far we traveled together over the past year. When I think about all the challenges people faced and overcame, and all the changes...

Seeing Through My Eyes

As a teacher of Structural Integration, I’m often asked by prospective students how I ‘see’ the body. Most assume we focus on muscles and bones, so it comes as a surprise when I explain that our primary focus is on the body’s connective tissue system. And that we see...