We are pleased to introduce Brandy Hodges, Structural Integrator and Yoga Instructor! 


Brandy is a highly experienced Yoga instructor and Structural Integrator with an extensive background in dance, movement, and the healing arts. We are excited to announce that Brandy offers a weekly Monday evening Yoga class at the NW Center that focuses on breath, movement, connection, and alignment.  Brandy’s unique yoga series patterns itself from the famous ten session series as developed by Dr. Ida Rolf. Have fun, get centered, and explore this unique yoga class on Monday nights from 6:00-7:30. The class is currently donation based. Contact Brandy by email at byogapdx@gmail.com for more information! Location: 4160 SE Division Ave. 

Interested in a Structural Integration session that highlights movement, heart connection, and myofascial release with a highly trained practitioner with an extensive background in herbal support? Contact Brandy to schedule an appointment through email at byogapdx@gmail! Brandy works under the supervision of Larry Kaufman, the Owner of the NW Center for Structural Integration.