Interested in hosting a Structural Integration training in your area?  

Hosting a Structural Bodywork series or Structural Integration training may be the answer for those individuals and schools wishing to add Structural Integration training to their curriculum.

Providing the Location:  As host, it is your responsibility to provide a suitable meeting space. You will need to have approximately 500 square feet for most classes.

Hosting as S.I. Practitioner’s Training:  Class size is limited to 6-8 students and students are required to practice on class 2 models. Models receive their 10 session series at a reduced rate. It is the host’s responsibility to recruit and help with scheduling class models.

Massage Tables and Linen:  Practitioners are asked to bring their own tables and linen. For the structural bodywork seminars, one massage table is needed for every two students. For the S.I. Practitioner Training, one table per student is needed with one chair or stool at each table.

Advertising and Promotion:  If a host elects to advertise in a publication, the N.W.C. will need to review and approve the copy before it is submitted for publication.

Post-Workshop Follow-up:  N.W.C. mails each participant a certificate of Attendance and CEU hours, unless issued by the host organization.

Fees:  Please contact the N.W.C. for current information about teaching fees.