Options for Structural Integration Training at the NW Center for Structural Integration

Whatever your need, our classes will enrich your bodywork practice and professional development. All of our Structural Integration classes are approved by the International Association for Structural Integration (IASI) and count towards the national certification board exam (http://www.siexam.org/). Classes also count for CEU’s for massage therapists in Oregon and Washington. 

The Structural Bodywork Seminar (45 hours) consists of three weekend classes that introduce students to the underlying principles and techniques used in Structural Integration and Structural Bodywork.  This is a hands-on training, teaching structural assessment and myofascial release. This is an excellent class for students currently in clinical rotations and practitioners who wish to utilize structural bodywork and myofascial release in their daily practice.

Class outline includes postural and structural assessment of the upper and lower body, soft tissue release and myofascial techniques, structural protocols for the shoulders and arms, structural protocols for the pelvic girdle and legs, structural protocols for the head and cranial base, intrinsic organization and myofascial linkage, and clinical application. Cost: $750.

The Intensive Practitioner Training (160 hours) is offered in format ideal for working professionals and practitioners who aren’t able to leave family or work for a long period of time, The IPT series is a 10 weekend format spanning 10 months. This training is for students and practitioners who wish to receive an in-depth training in Dr. Rolf’s 10-session protocols. A blend of lecture, demonstration and extensive supervised practice, students will observe, receive and practice each of the 10 different sessions, as well as work with class models. You will learn the organization and  logic of the “recipe” as well as separate guidelines for each session. You will be taught to systematically mobilize and rebalance the body’s physical components around a vertical line. Additionally you will learn to perceive movement obstruction and structural organization within and through both the extrinsic and intrinsic layers of muscle and connective tissue. Please see current registration page for more details and upcoming dates. 

Prerequisites:    Participants in the Practitioner’s Intensive must be a certified or licensed Massage Therapist that has completed a 500 hour certification program or students and practitioners of Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and/or Traditional Chinese medicine. It is highly recommended that participants complete the Structural Bodywork seminar, have experienced SI personally, be at least 20 years old & have the consent of the instructor. Cost: $5500. Discount available for students who have completed the SI Bodywork Seminar.

Independent Study (100 hours) typically takes students 3-6 months to complete.  Students hone their skills by taking 5 clients through their ten-session structural integration series in the Northwest Center’s student clinic or in their own practices consulting with the instructor on a regular basis. 

Advanced Protocols is a ‘graduate level’ SI training that further clarifies and expands each student’s understanding of the 10 Session Structural Integration series. It teaches practitioners to work with clients ‘in gravity’ as Dr. Rolf intended, and to further open the core and support the client’s ability to transfer motion through it. It is a five session sequence that enables working with clients in seated and standing positions, as well as ‘Z’ and ‘C’ positions.

Building on the Basic Ten Series, the Advanced Five more deeply address the ‘line’ – the mobility of the intrinsic fascial layers surrounding the body’s vertical center, the spine and the intrinsic myofascial layers that structurally support it. We also work with the mobility and ‘horizontal’ balance of the girdles, and the mobility, integrity and balance between the body’s extrinsic and intrinsic fascial layers.

The Advanced Training is open to practitioners trained at all IASI approved schools who have completed at least 500 hours of SI training and have been practicing SI for at least three years. The training is delivered in 75 hours over five weekends, and costs $2,500.

Supervision and Private Tutorials for Practitioners:  Individual supervision and tutorials are available for practitioners wishing to develop their skills in structural integration. Sessions are typically 2.5 hours long and cover various aspects of structural integration, bodywork curriculum, and hands on practice. Cost: $300.