Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about Structural Integration training options at the NW Center. We are a small (but mighty) school located in Portland, Oregon. You might wonder what sets the NW Center apart from the larger SI schools across the USA. We keep our classes small so that we can create an atmosphere of community and mentorship. We cap our classes at 8 participants so that our students can feel free to ask questions and experience the answers through hands-on practicum. Our staff includes a Structural Integration practitioner and teacher of 40 years, a Structural Integrator with extensive SI and pelvic floor experience, and a psychologist who are committed to each students journey of manual therapy and structural integration. Many of our classes have first, second and third year SI students who bring a wealth of experience from different modalities to each class. We often draw from the massage, naturopathic, movement, and Chinese medicine community in our classes. What a wealth of perspective! We believe in mentorship and are committed to each student’s unique experience of structural integration. Last but not least, we see movement! Movement in physical and emotional transformation through structural integration work. Interested in more information? Contact us to speak with a faculty member! We are enrolling now for our 2019 Practitioner Intensive training!