It has never been my goal as a practitioner of Structural Integration to ‘fix’ my clients’ bodies. Nor to perfectly align their backs.

My personal journey has been to better understand and address the underlying emotional patterns that drive my own physical issues. And that personal focus on the correlation between physical and emotional patterns has, in turn, altered my focus as a practitioner and teacher.

I have always seen SI as a process that is both physically and emotionally supportive. A process that supports physical stability and the ability to build and dissipate emotionally-based tension. And a process that supports a person’s ability to feel pleasure and transfer breath and motion through their vertical center to the ground.

What I have learned over these many years is that it is not enough for clients to simply gain greater physical integration and awareness, and to release emotional tension held within their bodies. They must also be able to move that strain through their core and stay grounded physically and emotionally in the larger world.

What I needed to address my own back issues was physical help unlocking my pelvic floor. And help to learn to ground and center myself in stressful situations. What I needed and received in my own SI sessions was the physical release that came from unlocking my pelvic floor and the emotional support that allowed me to keep my core open and continue to transfer breath and motion through it.

In these last few years, I’ve really begun to understand just how broad-based Dr. Rolf’s vision and working intent really were. I now believe her focus was well beyond the simple physical alignment of the body, and well beyond the dissipation of emotional strain in clients’ bodies.

I believe that her real focus was upon personal evolution, and on helping us move as a community in a direction that reflects a higher level of integrity, and a greater congruence between our core beliefs and outer actions.