Structural Integrators see the mobility of and congruence between the body’s outer myofascial sleeve and its inner structural core as critically important. We see the vertical and horizontal alignment of the spine and girdles as fundamental to supporting our clients’ long-term structural stability. This enhances supporting their ability to live comfortably within their bodies and integrate new patterns of movement into their lives.

But what surpasses these goals, for me, is the intention to support the mobility of – and the translation of motion/energy through – my client’s body, and through their ‘line.’ The intention to find an unobstructed energetic pathway through the core is my attempt to create a higher level of balance and fluidity between the physical body and the energetic sea within which we all live.

I see this as critical because it is the malleability and fluidity of our bodies’ connective system that allows us to adapt to daily stress and injury. And it is the malleability and fluidity of this system that enables SI practitioners to change these adaptations.  And, of course, it is the fluidity of movement through this system that allows our clients to build and dissipate higher levels of energetic charge and supports their vitality and ability to be grounded and centered.

To affect global change throughout the body and to integrate the body’s connective tissue system at a higher level, practitioners must learn to feel for the mobility of the entire system and to track lines of strain that spiral through the system. And we must teach our clients to spiral into and out of these fixed ‘patterns of strain’ that are locked within their connective system.

We must learn to feel for any fixed points along these connective tissue continua, for it is at these points of immobility – these fascial restrictions – that our clients’ movements have been constrained and their movement patterns have been altered. And, of course, releasing these restrictions is what allows us to affect our clients’ posture and movement patterns.

The Taoists speak of the fluidity and balance between polarities. Of the balance between the physical and the energetic, and between the yin and yang. SI practitioners also seek to support the fluidity and balance between these polarities, and in some small way, to help our clients find greater fluidity and balance in their bodies and in their lives.