The primary intention of Session Ten is to support the body’s long term structural stability. Thus, we continue easing rotation in the legs, vertically aligning the spine and core, supporting the girdles’ ability to pivot and the horizontal alignment between the body’s transverse planes (pelvic floor, diaphragm, thoracic outlet). Ten attempts to organize the fascial body by creating greater balance between its vertical spine and core, and these transverse planes.

Like a ladder or a bookcase, balance and stability in the body can only be achieved when the body’s outer and inner fascial layers are ‘plumb’ and level. When the legs can bear weight equally. When the core and spine are vertically aligned. When the ribs, girdles and transverse planes are horizontal.

Session Ten can also be seen as the ‘gestalt’ of Sessions One through Nine. The realization of potential – of what can happen when core and sleeve are congruent, when motion transfers through the core, when the spinal curves function properly. And when your client is grounded and centered. This session is the culmination of your and your client’s efforts – and your work together – toward these shared goals.

The completion of Ten also marks a new beginning for you. You have grown from students to practitioners. Your bodies and your work are different than they were when you started your training, and it is my hope that you are more grounded and centered in both your body and in this work.

It is a time of transition and of synthesis. A time to play it forward in your own practices. A time of celebration and expansion.

We wish you great success. You are our community. Our family.