The final three sessions of Dr. Rolf’s Ten Session Recipe work to support the functional and structural integrity of the entire body. Together these sessions attempt to ‘organize’ the fascial body by creating balance between its vertical and horizontal structures and between its inner core and outer sleeve.

In Sessions eight and nine, we are attempting to ease torsion and create greater balance between the upper and lower halves of the body. In these sessions we continue to work from within the body’s three dimensional inner core, easing rotation and supporting the core’s ability to move, breath and dissipate strain.

In an upper body session, we work from within the mouth and throat easing rotation of the upper core, from within the abdomen to ease rotation of the diaphragm and fascial lining of the inner thorax. and from within the pelvic basin to ease rotation of the inner pelvis. In a lower body session we work from the bottom of the feet, easing rotation and supporting the legs ability to bear weight equally, and from within the pelvic floor to ease rotation of the lower core, ultimately supporting our client’s ability to be grounded.

Session ten focuses upon creating greater balance between the body’s inner core and outer sleeve, and supporting the horizontal alignment of the body’s transverse planes (e.g. pelvic floor, respiratory diaphragm, thoracic outlet).The session  typically  works from the outer body toward the core, from the feet upwards to the head and ‘through’ the horizontal planes, crossing between the front and back of the body.

The primary intention of all of these sessions is to support the body’s long term structural stability. Towards this end, these sessions attempt to organize the fascial body in order to create greater balance between the body’s vertical spine and these transverse planes, and between its outer sleeve and inner core. Like a ladder or a bookcase, long term balance and stability can only be achieved when the legs are able to bear weight equally, when the core and spine are vertically aligned, and when the ribs, girdles and body’s transverse planes are horizontal.