I’m often asked by clients and students if they really ‘have’ to do Dr. Rolf’s entire 10 session recipe. And my answer is always the same – which part do you want me to leave out?

Taken out of context, it can be difficult to see how each session of the series works with every other session. And for students, it can be difficult to remember all the different components that are needed to align and balance the body.

It has taken me many, many years to truly understand that the body’s fascial layers are all connected. That the body’s inner and outer fascial envelopes have integrity. And that there are different ‘balances’ that we as practitioners need to attend to. I am finally beginning to see the effects my interventions are having upon the whole body as I work. Finally, beginning to understand how all the pieces fit together.

Over the years, it has become easier for me to explain to clients and students my intentions, and to deconstruct Dr. Rolf’s recipe and logic. It has become easier to explain to students and clients that I am working on their feet and legs to support their back. And that I need to mobilize their sacrum, spine and cranial base before trying to address their cervical curvature.

But I have to remember that these relationships were not obvious to me when I first received this work, nor when I first started to practice it. Remembering my own conceptual struggles reminds me that it will also take time for my students and clients to understand and embody this work. And it reminds me that the greatest challenge in any transformative undertaking is likely to be sustaining the patience and self-compassion it demands of us.