Welcome to the Northwest Center! We offer professional practitioner training options in Structural Integration!

Training to fit your needs, expand your knowledge, and broaden the scope of your practice! Our Structural Bodywork Seminars and Practitioner Intensive classes are designed to meet the needs of working health care professionals. Whether you are looking to expand your current practice through Bodywork seminars,complete the Intensive Practitioner training, or gain knowledge through 1:1 tutorials and supervision, we will create a program that meets your unique training needs and interests. Please call at 503-984-8200 or email at northwestcenter@gmail.com for more information regarding upcoming trainings. 

Our trainings come highly recommended!            

“I see and feel my client’s bodies differently after taking Larry’s Structural Bodywork workshop.  Larry is wholeheartedly the best bodywork teacher I’ve ever had and I’ve learned more in his workshop than any other workshop I’ve taken.  Because of this, my practice has flourished and I now have a full practice.  I am looking forward to taking the SI Intensive Practitioner course this coming fall and I highly recommend studying SI with Larry, to any and all bodywork practitioners.”  ~~~ Jolene Kelly, LMT, Portland Oregon. 

“Larry’s courses in structural integration have significantly changed the way I work with patients and the results that they achieve.  In most of the general medicine cases I see, I now have a clear picture as to how to work with my patient’s body to help them release areas of restriction.  By simply changing the flow and “ungluing” the soft tissues, I am finding that I prescribe fewer dietary supplements because so much changes with the return of blood flow.  People feel like themselves again and from there it is easier to work on nutrition and lifestyle changes.   My patients leave feeling much better with each visit and it gives us a chance to meet regularly while we are working with other pieces of the puzzle.~~~Dr. Ami Opal. ND. Portland, Oregon

“I recommend Larry Kaufman as a teacher and practitioner of the highest caliber. His practitioner’s skills are nothing short of astounding.”  ~~~ Dr. Steven Sandberg Lewis, Professor National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon

“Larry is one of the most skilled body-centered therapists I have ever seen.  He has a warm heart and a clear mind and is a good example of the kind of healer that we need on this planet.” ~~~ Gay Hendricks, PhD, Psychologist and best-selling author, Santa Barbara, California

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